Pacific islands
Genetic History of the Pacific Islands: Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia
Vor year
Today we're looking at the genetic history of the Pacific islands, including the regions of Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, Australia and New Zealand.
Atolls of the South Pacific
Vor 6 years
Join Steve and Manjula in the South Pacific. Natural beauty, meets bird and sea life, in the wilds of the South Pacific atolls.
Pacific Island: Geography and Cultural Traditions
Vor year
This film explores the very small islands of the Pacific including the geography, cultural traditions, and ways of life. Hmmm - Michigan or the Pacific Islands.
Kiribati: a drowning paradise in the South Pacific | DW Documentary
Vor year
Climate change and rising sea levels mean the island nation of Kiribati in the South Pacific is at risk of disappearing into the sea. But the island's inhabitants ...
National Geographic | BEAUTIFUL WILD LIFE | FIJI ISLANDS | HD Full Documentary
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Fiji, a country in the South Pacific, is an archipelago of more than 300 islands. It's famed for rugged landscapes, palm-lined beaches and coral reefs with clear ...
VANUATU, tour of a fascinating REMOTE ISLAND in the Pacific Ocean
Vor 3 years
SUBSCRIBE: - Let's visit and walk around a remote island in Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean and let's experience how it feels ...
Cook Islands Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
Vor 2 years Situated at the very centre of Polynesia, the Cook Islands is an archipelago nation ...
What Pacific Islanders Want You To Know
Vor year
"I had to teach myself about myself" Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!
Pacific Documentation - Lost World of The Pacific - Polynesian Islands Documentary
Vor 3 years
Pacific Documentation - Lost World of The Pacific - Polynesian Islands Documentary Polynesia is characterized by a small amount of land spread over a very ...
Travel to the South Pacific
Vor 5 years
Here is a short video showing you the many reasons why you should visit the South Pacific! So many amazing destinations for you to choose from... From white ...
Pacific Islands Trip Guam Rota Saipan Majuro Eneko October 2016
Vor 2 years
HD video taken with DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone in Guam, Rota, Saipan, Majuro and Eneko (Marshall Islands)
Pacific Island, 1949
Vor 9 years
A film about life on the small island of Likiep in the Marshall Islands in Micronesia. To purchase a clean DVD or digital download of this film for personal home ...
Pacific Islands - Patti Potts Doi
Vor 7 years
Yumi PNG Tasol Collections, Enjoy!
10 Amazing Facts About The Pacific Islands
Vor 5 years
The Pacific Islands comprise 20000 to 30000 islands in the Pacific Ocean. The islands are also sometimes collectively called Oceania,[1] although Oceania is ...
Bear Grylls Man vs Wild S04E08 - Pacific Island
Vor 3 years
Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls S04E08 - Pacific Island Thanks for watching this video.
Here's What You Have to Know About Pacific Islanders
Vor 10 Monate
The Tempest Subscribe for your weekly dose of everything unapologetic and badass. We are so pumped to have you here. GET MORE TEMPEST: ...
Unbelievable Discoveries in the South Pacific
Vor year
From sunken treasures, to deep sea artifacts, these are 10 Unbelievable Discoveries in the South Pacific Subscribe to American Eye 5.
Spearfishing babe and crew in Pacific Islands, +100lbs GT and Doggies
Vor 2 years
Instagram: kmga_productions Soundtrack: Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (High Rankin remix)
Are Pacific Islanders IGNORED?
Vor year
Pacific Islanders and the Pacific Island way of life have long been depicted by media in stereotypical ways. Stereotypes of the Pacific is a great topic all to itself, ...
Westsail 32 sailing around Cook Islands, South Pacific, Rarotonga, Episode 9
Vor 3 years
Sailing a Westsail 32 sailboat in the south pacific from Anacortes Washington State USA on route to Australia. Cruising the south pacific exploring Rarotonga in ...
Sailing Across the Pacific Ocean 2013 (Part 18) - Palmerston Atoll (Cook Islands)
Vor 4 years
Join the crew of Wakaya as we explore one of the most unique and interesting islands in the world, Palmerston Island. Every person living on this island ...
United Airlines Premium Island Hopper Across the Pacific from Honolulu to Manila
Vor 5 years
Join me for a trip across the Pacific on United Airlines Island Hopping from Honolulu via Majuro, Kwajalein, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Guam and Koror to Manila ...
Pacific Islands Song (part I)
Vor 2 years
Pacific Islands Song (part I) 91年屏科大校慶南太平洋學生舞蹈演出一 Dance of South Pacific Islands (Part I) Performed by our South Pacific Islands students, ...
An Ocean Divide: Obesity, Aid and Remittances in the South Pacific | 101 East
Vor 7 years
An Ocean Divide: Obesity, Aid and Remittances in the South Pacific The Pacific Islands can appear like an idyllic palm-fringed paradise. But many of these tiny ...
Carnival Spirit - Pacific Islands Cruise
Vor 2 years
Carnival Spirit 9 nights cruise to Isle of Pines, Mare, Lifou and Noumea. Departing from Sydney, Australia on 30th November 2015.
Kiribati: The Islands Being Destroyed By Climate Change | AJ+ Docs
Vor 3 years
Watch Our Latest Documentaries: Sea levels continue to rise due to climate change, and some countries may vanish into the ...
Many Pacific Islands Might Not Exist Soon
Vor 4 Monate
Climate change is coming for all of us, some faster than others. Many Pacific Islands are struggling with rising sea levels and ocean acidification. Let's talk about ...
Rugby: Pacific Islanders v Australia 2004
Vor 3 years
3rd game of tour. First Test match Copied from VHS please understand!!
South Pacific Islands: Mystery Island
Vor 5 years
The most-southern in the 80-something of Vanuatu's island chain is the ultimate untouched paradise. Join Micaela and Ashley as they explore what this island ...
Pacific islands face climate change threat
Vor 3 years
In the northern Pacific Ocean, the Marshall Islands are made up of 29 low lying coral atolls. It looks like the perfect island paradise, but the country is one of the ...
In the Pacific Islands, What’s Possible?
Vor 2 years
In the Pacific… what's possible? As part of the World Bank's new report series, Pacific Possible, we recently hit the streets across the Pacific Islands - in ...
Pacific Islands Forum kicks off in the Marshall Islands
Vor 5 years
The Pacific Islands Forum kicks off in the Marshall Islands with a colourful ceremony. Some of the world's smallest nations will use the summit to push the globe's ...
Ovation of the Seas 8-Night South Pacific Islands 18-26 Feb 2018
Vor 8 Monate
Ovation of the Seas 8-Night South Pacific Islands 18-26 Feb 2018 Music By Scott Ian Holmes 1. Kiss the Sky 2. Moving Forward 3. Feeling Sunny 4. The Final ...
Weightlifting craze sweeps Pacific Islands
Vor 3 years
Champion athletes often talk of the extreme measures they've taken to achieve success. Across the Pacific Islands, weightlifters are isolating themselves from ...
Raiatea, French Polynesia, South Pacific Island (Full HD, 1080p)
Vor 3 years
Enjoy perfect white sand beaches and crystal clear water in several different colors. Raiatea translates to "faraway heaven". But judge for yourself. Raiatea is the ...
Tokyo's Hidden Pacific Island | OGASAWARA ★ ONLY in JAPAN
Vor 19 Tage
Far out to sea from the city of Tokyo, over 1000 kilometers away are Tokyo's hidden islands called the Ogasawaras. Few tourists have ever heard of them.
All Blacks vs The Pacific Islanders 2004
Vor 10 years
The very first test between these two teams was played in 2004 at North Habour Stadium, Albany.
Miss PNG set for 30th Pacific Islands Pageant
Vor 2 years
Miss Pacific Islands, Abigail Havora, and Miss Papua New Guinea, Kellyanne Limbiye, are all set for the annual Miss Pacific Islands Pageant. The 30th Annual ...
BMobile Vodafone is Official Communications Partner for Miss PNG Pacific Islands Pageant
Vor 14 Tage
Five contestants of the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant and current Miss PNG today visited BMobile Vodafone to officially announce its partnership with MPIP as the ...
Pacific Islands by Drone: Bigej 4k
Vor year
Filmed entirely using the DJI Phantom 4.
Miss Pacific Islands 2017 Talent Competition- Miss Solomon Islands
Vor 11 Monate
Hola. No olvides compartir y suscribirte a nuestro canal de DEwomen. สวัสดี โปรดสมัครสมาชิกและแชร์ช่อง DEwomen ของเรา...
Rugby Union, 2006 Test Match Wales vs Pacific Islands.
Vor 5 years
Rugby Union, 2006 Test Match Wales vs Pacific Islands at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.
The Story of God in Culture and Song: Pacific Islands - Urbana 15
Vor 2 years
When we worship with a song from another culture, we share their story as well as their music. Shedrach Rowry, member of the Urbana 15 worship team, was ...
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